Bloodstock Investment

If you’re interested in an alternative investment to the financial markets why not give our Pin-hooking syndicates a try.

Recent trends show that the lower end of the bloodstock market is a tough place to make a profit, for this reason it makes sense to pool resources, in order to secure higher quality bloodstock.

We plan to create a fund to purchase 2-3 high quality foals and resell them 9 months later for a profit. Foals will be selected by Joanne Lavery, who has an excellent track record selecting foals, having purchased the group 1 placed lady Kaya as a foal, in addition to winners Burgundy Boy and Danehill Quest.

  • Bloodstock will be insured to protect your investment
  • Yearlings will be prepped and consigned by Drumree Lodge Stud

Photo of Joanne Lavery

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