Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a racing club and a syndicate?  

In a syndicate you purchase equity in a horse and are a co-owner. Membership of a club allows you to experience ownership without being responsible for all the costs of purchasing a horse, vet bills etc. 


Will there be additional costs on top of my membership fee? 

No. in all circumstances your fees will be all you have to pay. 


Can I leave the club whenever I want? 

Yes, you are free to leave at any time, please notify us in writing stating the date you wish your membership to cease. You will still be eligible for any prize money earned during your period of membership.  


When do I receive my share of Prize money? 

Our accounts are settled at the end of each calendar year. 


Can I bring family and friends along to organised events? 

Yes, we encourage our members to bring along family and friends. Please advise us of numbers in advance. 


Should I expect to make money as a member of the club? 

The club is designed for entertainment purposes and it is unlikely that you will make a life changing amount of money but given a bit of luck, a realistic aim would be to recoup some of your membership fees in time for Christmas.   


Check out our Bloodstock page if investing in bloodstock is of interest to you. 


Will I get Tickets every time I wish to go racing?

The Club is only allocated four tickets for race days on which a Club horse is running. However, certain racecourses are very generous and sometimes provide us with free tickets. They may also provide a reduced ticket price for Club members.Royal Racing Club will try to secure as many tickets as it can. 


How are Tickets Allocated?

Members will be notified immediately when a Club horse is entered in a race and will be invited to apply for tickets by email or telephone. If the horse is then declared to run, ticket applicants will be contacted. It is often possible to allocate a ticket to everyone who applies.  


Do I have to join at the start of the season?

You can join at any time. Once payment has been received or a payment arrangement set up, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours and then will have full membership and access to everything the Club has to over for twelve months from the signup date.  


I am buying Membership as a Christmas/birthday Gift. Is it possible to choose a Membership start date?

Yes! Purchase one of our gift vouchers and advise us of the date on which you would like the membership to start. We will activate it from that date rather than the date of payment.


Do I have to be based in Ireland to join the Club? 

Definitely not! Our website allows you to view workouts, photos and all other updates wherever you are in the world. Club horses have the option to race all over Ireland, including throughout the winter on the All-Weather surface at Dundalk. We cannot guarantee that Club horses will race outside of Ireland but our trainers have raced horses in the UK in previous season’s so the possibility is there. Also, our yard visits are organised a month in advance, which allows you the opportunity to arrange flight/ferry travel. 


What happens to the prize money?

The Club’s share of the prize money, after HRI deductions, is distributed amongst the members at the end of the calendar year. There can never be any guarantee of a specific amount of prize money. This is dependent on how well the horses perform on the racecourse and the number of Members in the Club on the date of the race in which prize money was won. If a member joins on 1st October, for example, they will be allocated their share of any prize money won between 1st October and 1st December at the end of that year. They will receive their share of any prize money won between 1st December and the end date of their twelve month membership in the following December.  


Should I expect a return on my membership fee?

This is 100% for entertainment purposes. It is not an investment opportunity. As above, members will receive a share in the Club’s prize money but the amount is not guaranteed. 


What happens if I fall behind with my payment arrangement?

It is vital to the running of the Club that all payments due are made on time. Should you fall one month in arrears, immediate expulsion from the Club may apply and you will no longer have access to full membership privileges. You can only become a member again by the payment, in full, of all outstanding payments. When signing up for another year’s membership, members who have previously been in arrears must purchase a twelve month membership in full. The monthly and quarterly payment options will not be available to them. If you feel that you may miss a payment, please contact us as soon as possible. 


What happens if I want to leave the Club?

Letters of resignation should be addressed to the Club Secretary as the club must make quarterly membership notification to HRI. There will be no refunds on membership fees unless notification received within 14 days of the signup date.  


How will I know what is happening in the Club?

Our private members area will be update daily and you can also receive information through social media such as facebookinstagram, twitter and our youtube page. We appreciate that some members may not have access to the Internet or email so alternative arrangements can be discussed on request.