Royal Racing Club terms and conditions 

Data protection: Royal racing club is GDPR compliant, members personal data is important to us. Please see the privacy policy on our website for more details. All new members or members leaving will be reported to Horse Racing Ireland.  

Alteration to Rules: Any alteration will be made by management and all members will be informed.  HRI will also be informed of any changes to rules. 

Copies of rules: Every member shall be furnished with a copy of the rules and regulations. 

Dissolution: Upon dissolution of the club all fees owing to Horse Racing Ireland shall be paid as a priority. Followed by fees owed to racehorse trainers. 

Assets: The assets of the club shall not be used as security for any loans. 

Observance: Every member binds himself/herself to abide the rules of the club, and also by any modifications thereof made in conformity with such rules, and also to accept as final and binding the decision of management (Point 4) in all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation of these rules. 

12 Month Membership 12 months upfront membership will be eligible for a free Royal Racing Club jacket.

Club Horses Members of the club do not have any equity in the horses. Horses can be sold or removed from the club at any time. The club will aim to replace horses which may be sold and maintain five horses in training at any time. 

Bonus schemes such as “Plus 10” go directly to the horse’s owners, the club is not entitled to this. 

Prize money 50% of prize money, after HRI deductions, transport and club costs, is distributed amongst the members at the end of the calendar year. There can never be any guarantee of a specific amount of prize money. This is dependent on how well the horses perform on the racecourse and the number of Members in the Club on the date of the race in which prize money was won. If a member joins on 1st October, for example, they will be allocated their share of any prize money won between 1st October and 1st December at the end of that year. They will receive their share of any prize money won between 1st December and the end date of their twelve-month membership in the following December. 

Ticket allocation All members are invited to apply for tickets when the club has a horse running, we will endeavour to provide members with tickets, however there is no guarantee of free entry. Depending on numbers it might not always be possible to secure tickets. Some racecourses are very accommodating and will provide the club with extra tickets or discounted tickets. Should demand exceed supply, tickets will be allocated by a random draw. 

Parade Ring access.  For safety reasons, sometimes only a certain number of owners are permitted into the parade ring before a race. Parade ring access will be allocated by means of a random draw. 

Late payments Payments which are overdue cannot be tolerated, in order to ensure smooth running of the club membership fees must be paid on time. If a member feels they will miss a payment, please contact management. Management reserves the right to remove any member from the club due to late payments.

Conduct  Club members are always expected to behave in a respectful manner on the racecourse and on yard visits. Management reserves the right to remove any member from the club, who is acting inappropriately.

Refunds no refunds will be issued, unless it is within the cooling off period of 14 days after signup. 

Leaving the club Members are free to leave the club at any time, please notify management. Prize money due will be issued at the end of each calendar year.

Contacting Trainers Please contact club management if you have any queries about club horses. Trainers have a hectic schedule and we ask that members do not contact them directly. 

Stable visits Visits to the stables and coffee mornings at the gallops will be organised from time to time, to allow members to view the horses in their preparation. We encourage members to bring family and friends to these events.  Access to trainer’s yards is not permitted without an appointment.  

Members The club in its current form will not exceed 500 members. For every additional 50 members there will be an extra horse added. The club will be capped at a maximum of 1000 members. 

Charity Donation Royal Racing Club will make a discretionary donation from any profits earned at the end of each calendar year. Members share of prize money is unaffected.